Military Veteran and Spouse Find Rewarding Civilian Careers at J.B. Hunt

May 15 2017

Army Veteran and Intermodal driver Phillip has no regrets about his decision to move into a career in truck driving after 20 years of military service. “I like the fact that I’m my own boss. I make my own rules, no one bugging me all the time. I like the freedom,” he said. “The pay is good. It’s really good, especially when talking to other drivers. I feel bad for them.”

According to Phillip and his wife Tanya, J.B. Hunt made their transition into civilian life “stress free” through the Hunt’s Heroes apprenticeship program. “We’ve seen a million people get out of the military, we got really lucky with J.B. Hunt. There was no lapse in employment,” Tanya said. “Phillip got an email from J.B. Hunt and he called them back. By the time he got off the phone, he had a job… he had the job months before he got out.”

tanya and phillip

Having a regional truck driving job lined up allowed Phillip to focus on moving his family to Iowa, obtaining his CDL A, training with an experienced J.B. Hunt driver and becoming a solo intermodal company driver. He quickly found out that truck driving suited him and his military skill set well. “As a mechanic in the Army for 20 years, I have a knack for dealing with vehicles,” he said. “I gained a lot of respect for this job the moment I drove the truck on the interstate.”

With an opening for a Marketing Office Specialist, J.B. Hunt was able to help Tanya, who was a stay-at-home mother at the time, transition smoothly from military spouse to civilian. The position involved indexing documents and paperwork and could be performed from home – ideal for a mother of four. “I’m really good at it… I just love working for J.B. Hunt. It’s super cool working from home,” she said. “It’s flexible in the sense that I feel like an at-home parent.”

The couple has found it rewarding to work for the established carrier – in more ways than one. “We are financially stress free by working at J.B. Hunt,” Tanya said. “We are making three times what we were making in the military.” She went on to explain a personal advantage of Phillip transitioning out of the military and into a regional driving job, “I don’t have to worry if he is safe or not when he’s not home.”

Phillip truck

The couple encourages other Veterans and their families to consider the Hunt’s Heroes apprenticeship program, as it helped them successfully enter the civilian work force. “Once I got on board, everything the recruiter said I’d get, I got. What he said about J.B. Hunt is true… The honesty, that’s what I respect about the company so far,” Phillip said.


J.B. Hunt is proud to offer career opportunities to Veterans, transitioning soldiers and their spouses through our Hunt’s Heroes program. Learn more about joining our ranks by calling 1-800-207-6097 or fill out a short form online.

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