Driver to Retire With 3 Million Safe Miles & Plans to Buy Corvette

Aug 14 2017


Gary loves driving – driving trucks and driving race cars. Over 30 years ago, he made truck driving his career at J.B. Hunt and drag racing a hobby he could afford with his annual earnings. “Drag racing is a lot of fun but an expensive hobby. I don’t have sponsors like the professionals,” he said with laughter in his voice.

The company driver plans to continue drag racing after he hangs up his truck keys and retires this December, finishing a successful thirty years at J.B. Hunt. “I love race cars and sports… I’ve been saving up to buy the Corvette convertible, my retirement car!” he said.

Gary’s truck driving record is one to brag about –  three million safe miles, 27 safe driving awards along with the Road Star Regional, Driver of the Month and Driver of the Quarter awards as well as national recognition for being a nominee for the Citizen Driver of the Year award.

gary C

When Gary reached his first million safe miles, he was slightly surprised by the recognition he received for his achievement. “I never thought I’d do it,” he said. “Reaching the first one million, I thought it was for the company, not me. I was just doing my job.” He soon became motivated to hit his next million and then his next. “The second million was for my family being behind me the whole time,” he said. “The third million was for me. I was determined to get it before I retired!”

Gary’s safety bonuses went towards fixing up his home, paying bills, retirement savings and feeding his passion for race cars. He purchased a BMW with his second million mile bonus and once he retires, he plans to use his third million mile bonus towards a purchase of a 2017 red on red Corvette Z06 Convertible.

corvette convertible

Photo credit: Hoover Auto Mall

The achieved driver is somewhat hesitant when it comes to retiring, as he’s made J.B. Hunt his second home over the last three decades. “I’m going to miss the comradery, all the people at the terminal, at corporate, throughout the company. It’s like a family. Most of my friends work at J.B. Hunt!” he said. “You know somebody for 30 years, they become your friends. I’m gonna miss them.”

After retirement, Gary has plans to work on projects around the house and spend time with his wife, six grown children, 17 grandchildren and four great grandchildren and of course, play with his cars. “I’m going to the drag races, tinker around on my car and will be at the race track… and messing with my yard,” he said.

The veteran driver often reflects on how J.B. Hunt has evolved over the years and the positive effect it’s had on him as a driver and a person. “The company is moving and up to date. It is not lacking with all the new technology it’s incorporating,” he said. “As the company improved, I think I improved too.”

As the delivery date of his last load gets closer, Gary has been practicing his retirement speech and offered a heart-felt sound bite. “It’s been an honor and a blessing to drive, work here and meet all the different people,” he said. “It’s an amazing company that keeps getting better and better every day.”


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