J.B. Hunt Driver Witnesses Accident and Saves Life

Sep 21 2017

On Saturday, September 2, 2017, Intermodal driver Brian was traveling to one of his regular customers when he witnessed a single vehicle accident. The vehicle had crossed the highway and run into a light pole on the shoulder.

Brian quickly sprang into action and pulled over to help the driver. The vehicle was badly damaged; it was leaking fuel and smoking. Thinking fast, Brian used a sledge hammer stored in his truck to break the window of the damaged vehicle while on the phone with a 911 emergency dispatcher. Moments before the vehicle erupted into flames, he was able to pull the driver out.

After getting the young woman a safe distance away from the wreck, Brian noticed that she had no pulse. Without hesitation, he began performing CPR while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Soon, the young woman regained her pulse and began to breathe again. Brian had saved her life.

local truck driving job

Since the accident, Brian has gone above and beyond by visiting the young woman in the hospital several times and calling her mother daily to check in.

Thank you, Brian, for being an outstanding representative of J.B. Hunt. You’re a real hero!


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52 comments on “J.B. Hunt Driver Witnesses Accident and Saves Life

  1. Wow! What an amazing story. The world could use more people like you, Brian. Thank you for your heroism.

  2. Outstanding effort. A great story of a great person helping a fellow American…

  3. Thank you for all you do Brian! You are a true hero!

  4. An angel among us! It’s not all about work and money. Way to go Brian!

  5. What an awesome story! Thanks Brian for your quick action.

  6. jmnt1861 on said:

    Brian, we need more like you! Thank you for being a hero.

  7. Incredible. Salute to you, sir!

  8. jopr2216 on said:

    A true Hero!!! Way to go!!!!

  9. jdcs2030 on said:

    In today’s climate of “I’d rather not get involved”…Thank God for someone like you. I’m sure that young woman and her family can’t have anything but thankfulness in their hearts for you. God Bless You!

  10. Great story! We need more people like you in this world! Thank you!

  11. jbro2457 on said:

    Impressive! Love this story and thank you for all you do, sir!

  12. jmkt1475 on said:

    Wow Brian, what a man! I hope if I’m ever in a situation like this that there will be someone like you to help. You are my new hero. Restores some faith in the human race 🙂

  13. jdcs2878 on said:

    You are a true hero! I am so proud you are part of our family.

  14. Thank you for truly being a hero in that moment and staying the course. You are an example! We appreciate you!

  15. Simply amazing! Bless you for helping and keeping in touch. Glad you were there to be her guardian angel.

  16. What a hero!Brian

  17. This is awesome!!! A true HERO!!! Thank you for your caring heart!

  18. Brilliant job Brian!!

  19. jmkt1584 on said:

    This is amazing. If only we had more Brians in the world.

  20. jitm1265 on said:

    Wow!! Great job saving this young women’s life!! God bless you!

  21. jitm1041 on said:

    God bless you Brian! We need more people like you in this world!

  22. Highway Angel !!

  23. jbro2107 on said:

    Its refreshing to know that the ‘Soul of a Trucker” still exist .

    Thanks, Brian for your selfless heroics ……..

  24. Brian, thank you!!!! May God bless you!!!! You are amazing and brave!!! Truly, you are going the extra mile. What a great example of how we are to treat one another! Thank you again!!!!

  25. One of God’s angels here on earth… yes, truly a hero.

  26. jdcs2836 on said:

    Awesome job Brian! You are truly a hero and I salute you for your bravery!

  27. Awesome!!

  28. jitm1279 on said:

    Wow, so awesome!! True hero!

  29. You are truly an amazing person. God Bless You!

  30. jdcs2617 on said:

    Thank God for you Brian, and Thank God your on our JB Hunt Team.

  31. jdcs6263 on said:

    Real Hero! Makes me proud to be part of a team that has people like you.
    Not only did you save her, but went above and beyond.

  32. Thank you Brian for being a person that puts others before himself. You are a great example of what we should be like with God working through us.

  33. This is so wonderful! What an exceptional man!!!

  34. Taking the time top stop was Human. Stopping and addressing the need is a lot of times ignored. Saving a person from death is something that takes impulse. Brian, way to go Bro!!!

  35. Melinda Propps on said:

    What an amazing story and how blessed she was that you were there. Thank you, Brian, for sharing your story and inspiring others to not just be a bystander.

  36. jbro1891 on said:

    Awesome job Brian! Way to be the one who stops to help as opposed to ust driving by! We need more people like you in this world.

  37. jopr1761 on said:

    May the Lord Bless You!

  38. jitm1077 on said:

    I am in awe sir of your bravery sir – thank you Brian for being such an awesome human being!

  39. Great Job!! God bless you!

  40. Where is Brian’s cape? This is such an example of a real hero. Brian you rock!

  41. jdcs4203 on said:

    That’s awesome! We need more like you in the world. God Bless You!

  42. jmnt1492 on said:

    Good thing you were there, Brian. Excellent work.

  43. Good job, sir! Excellent work!

  44. You’re a real hero,Brian!!

  45. jcdp1492 on said:

    WOW! This gave me chills! Thank God for you Brian!

  46. Joseph Bundy on said:

    What an incredible story!

  47. Amazing story–Amazing person!

  48. GOD has Angels among us at all times! GREAT JOB Brian!

  49. Awesome. Great job Brian

  50. jdcs1642 on said:

    This is truly inspiring, Brian. Your selfless actions likely changed the lives of so many and certainty this young woman, you should be proud!

  51. jint001 on said:

    wow ! great job Sir. This is a true hero.

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