Part Time Driver Values Free Time with Grandkids

Oct 05 2017

Intermodal driver Xavier doesn’t work on Saturdays. His manager knows that Saturdays are reserved for his grandchildren. “Sometimes, they say ‘Hey, would you like to come in Saturday?’ and I say, ‘What? And miss taking my granddaughter to the park and for ice cream. You’re kidding me!’” Xavier said with a chuckle.

Xavier grandkids icecream 2

Xavier’s granddaughter.

Throughout his career path – a sales manager, a full time over the road driver and now a part time J.B. Hunt company driver – Xavier gradually realized the importance of having a flexible job that permits more free time with his family and friends. “What I did here was sort of rebalance my life. I’m going to do something [like driving] that is a task, that I can finish, and I can do other things that I want,” he explained. “Dedicated time to the family is very important… and going out with friends, seeing a movie that I want to, I think I’ve enriched my life doing what I want.”

Being a local part time driver allows Xavier to call his own shots when it comes to his time on the road. “It gives you a lot of flexibility. I don’t have to be worried about whether I need to punch the clock at a certain time or I need to make a number of hours in a given day,” he said. “If making money is important to you, you’re going to be working 70 hours a week. If that’s not your objective… then you can come and work as much as you want.” (1)

Part time driver Xavier.

Xavier hasn’t been disappointed since he joined the team of J.B. Hunt company drivers over a year ago. “I like the company. It’s a serious company… You’re respected,” he said. “Whoever is in the company, has a great attitude. I like that.” He’s also noticed a heavy difference in freight since driving for the distinguished carrier. “There’s always work. That’s one thing, as opposed to other trucking companies that have high periods and low periods of work… here, that doesn’t seem to be an issue at all. If I come here at something like 2 a.m., there’s going to be a load for me.”

Xavier encourages other drivers who are looking for a work schedule that accommodates their life style, to try part time. “Anybody that is in the position to be able to work part time, then I say don’t hesitate, do it. The only things you regret at the end of life is the things that you didn’t do because you didn’t have time,” he said. “Like today, I rode my motorcycle and my motorcycle that languished for many years unused in a cover because I didn’t have time. Now I can use it any time that I want to!”


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