Love at First Drive

Oct 10 2017

While truck driving cross-country over 20 years ago, fate brought two amazing people together.

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Debra, who had been driving for a large carrier for only five weeks, and J.B. Hunt driver William crossed paths on a stretch of I70 East. Debra said she remembered passing the J.B. Hunt truck – the old brown cabover – and noticing William’s good looks. Debra and William ended up talking over the CB radio the entire day and enjoying hours of getting to know one another.

Debra remembers the two stopping at a truck stop, and before she knew it, William was there at her truck as her fuel-serviceman in shining armor. The two exchanged phone numbers and went separate ways due to different freight destinations. They stayed in touch, allowing their J.B. Hunt love story to blossom.

After conversing for months, William suggested that Debra join him in driving with J.B. Hunt. Debra agreed, gave notice the same day and began her orientation process with J.B. Hunt shortly after. The two worked as team drivers for a number of years before moving into the Intermodal division.

love at first drive

Debra remembers meeting Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and recalls Mr. Hunt’s humbleness and gratefulness toward his driving base. J.B. Hunt’s community of appreciation as a company, has made Debra feel as though she is a part of something bigger than being just another driver on another account.

Combined, Debra and William have over 45 years of driving experience with J.B. Hunt and continue to remain passionate about driving. Debra has currently driven 1,789,984 safe miles and William has driven 2,465,668 safe miles – amazing accomplishments!

The two drivers are now happily married and grateful for the day they passed each other on the road!




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