Straight from a Driver: Why Drive With J.B. Hunt

Oct 13 2017

Any time we interview a driver, we always ask them the question, “What would you say to a driver who was thinking of driving for J.B. Hunt?” When we interviewed Vernon this summer for our quarterly driver feature, we asked him that question. His response? Vernon showed us a list of reasons he had already made that he keeps on his phone.Vernon truck

Here, in his own words, are reasons why Vernon thinks you should join the J.B. Hunt team:

  1. The work environment. It’s nice to work with good quality, friendly people.
  2. Safety is always first, especially in the trucking world, and J.B. Hunt puts it first.
  3. The pay is great! I’m a steady worker…and I make great money!
  4. J.B. Hunt has great benefits, like health insurance and 401k, and a host of great driver appreciation events.
  5. The name. It’s stood tall as a leader in the industry for many years.
  6. There are more people with more than 20 years here than you could ever imagine. That right there should tell you this is a place to call home

So, when can you join the Hunt family, friend?


Interested in driving and retiring with J.B. Hunt? Visit or call 1-877-791-9458 to learn about over the roadregional or local truck driving jobs or feel free to fill out our short form online.

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  1. I know Vernon and he is correct about what our company is about we are family we are a team
    all doing our part to serve the customer who ever buys the can of food clothes of whatever
    we bring it we delver

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