Driver Knows What All the Buzz is About: Making Honey

Oct 23 2017

Local DCS truck driver Paul knows how to relax when he gets home from a long day on the road – he pulls on his veil and tends to his nine bee colonies. “It relaxes me. I really enjoy it, just watching the bees move in and out,” he said about his small beekeeping business.

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Noticing the drastic decline in the honey bee population due to pesticides and other factors, and its potential effect on our food supply, Paul became interested in learning what he could do to help. “Without bees, life goes away,” he said.  With online research and scientific journal subscriptions, he decided to begin beekeeping and purchased his first colony six years ago.

During his first year of beekeeping, he covered himself with protective clothing and felt the expected anxiety of having thousands of bees swarming around him. Over the years, he’s become more accustomed to the trade and only wears the hat and a net over his face. “Smoking calms them and I make sure to be very gentle and not squish anybody,” he explained.













Today, Paul owns nine colonies that hold more than 360,000 honey bees. Not all of his bees have been purchased from bee farms – with his swarm capture and bee removal side business, Paul has removed hives from a local household and a tree in a neighbor’s yard. Keeping a large quantity of bees has rewarded Paul, his family, friends and coworkers with over 250 pounds of delicious honey this year alone.

For the majority of Paul’s 30-year career as a truck driver, he’s driven over the road, but making the decision to drive with J.B. Hunt on a local account has allowed him more home time with his bees, wife and grandchild. He has plans to retire from J.B. Hunt and continue to grow his beekeeping operation. “I decided to work for J.B. Hunt because of the retirement package… I’ve got another 15 years or so to go,” he said with a chuckle.


Interested in driving with J.B. Hunt and having the time to do what you love outside the truck? Call 1-877-791-9458 to discuss local truck driving jobs or fill out a short form online.

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