OTR Driver and Spouse Enjoy Free Rider Program

Oct 27 2017

over the road truck driving jobs

Over the road driver Darwin credits his father, a truck driver, for introducing him to 18-wheelers at the age of 16. “My dad told me to pack my stuff and hop in the truck. I rode with him for the summer and he taught me how to drive,” he said.

Four years ago, Darwin decided to move out of the office as a software technician and into the cab to pursue a career in truck driving. “I like all the different sights I get to see and the traveling,” he said. “I’ve seen all 48 [continental] states.”

One of his favorite places to visit is surprisingly, Walcott, Iowa – the home of the world’s largest truck stop. The famous stop has parking for 900 trucks and offers 150 fuel pumps, a service center, a convenience store and numerous restaurants.

For the last six months, Darwin’s wife Rayanna has had the opportunity to join her husband on the road and travel the country. Unlike Darwin’s previous employer, J.B. Hunt will allow a Truckload driver to have a rider for free. “It’s like I have home with me,” Darwin said about his wife. “Makes it easier. It gets lonely sometimes…  I eat better. She won’t let me eat all that fast food. We have a crockpot and skillet. Saves more money.”

Having a father who was a local truck driver, Rayanna is no stranger to an 18-wheeler. She remembers riding along with her father and helping him whenever the truck was having any mechanical issues.  “My father taught me how to take an engine apart and how to fix a radiator,” she said.

Riding along with her husband has further expanded Rayanna’s knowledge on truck driving. “It’s really been a learning experience. Codes pop up, I’m checking the computer, asking questions,” she said. “It’s really fun. I enjoy it!”

Being newlyweds, Rayanna explained how riding along with Darwin has had a positive impact on their marriage already. “It would be hard not being able to see him. Riding along is beneficial to him, to me and to our marriage. It works out in the long run,” she said. “It’s kind of like our honeymoon!”


Ready to drive with J.B. Hunt and have a loved one ride along for FREE? Learn more about our over the road truck driving jobs and our free rider program by calling 1-877-791-9458 or fill out our short form online.

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