Driver and Spouse Say J.B. Hunt Will Get You Home

Nov 24 2017

“They care about family. That’s what I love about J.B. Hunt, they really do,” said Denise, wife of Intermodal driver Ernest. Denise suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and having her truck driving husband home on the weekends has been essential. “Anytime I was sick, we called J.B. Hunt and they were good about getting him home,” she said.

Driver Ernest and wife cropped

Over 20 years and 2 million safe miles ago, Ernest decided to leave the dairy business and go into truck driving. “I didn’t have skills to do anything else… I grew up in the dairy business, moving trailers, loading and unloading hay into the barn… I knew the concepts of backing trailers,” he said. “My dad was in the military, so I traveled the country and read maps.”

Ernest began his career at J.B. Hunt as an over the road truck driver and eventually moved into driving regional Intermodal. He’s enjoyed the perks of full-time employment. “Home on the weekends, no slip seat, paid time off,” he said. “I get the benefits I never had before in my life. No insurance in the dairy business, no such thing as vacation in the dairy business.”

With a number of family deaths over the years, the couple has appreciated J.B. Hunt understanding the importance of family and healing. “When my dad passed away from open heart surgery, I told them [managers] that I couldn’t come back to take care of the truck,” he explained. “My fleet manager said don’t worry about the truck, you take all the time you want and come back when you are ready.”

Denise was recently able to work with her husband’s dispatcher to get him home for a surprise family gathering. “It was my birthday, but I didn’t know my daughter was coming or there was a party… They rearranged the load to get me home. My wife called to get me back and she got me back,” Ernest explained.

Denise and Ernest have no plans to leave the J.B. Hunt family. “You work for them, you give them your all and they’ll give it back,” Denise said. “I’m completely satisfied. I have no desire to go anywhere else. I’ll be here until I can’t drive anymore,” Ernest added.


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