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Military Skills Make Driver the Best Runner on Account

Military Skills Make Driver the Best Runner on Account

Nov 03 2017

military finisher program

Over two years ago, Marine Corps Veteran and DCS driver Jose found himself transitioning out of the service and looking for a civilian career to support his family. As an experienced truck driving Marine, a civilian job in transportation seemed to be a natural fit and with the Hunt’s Heroes Finisher Program, Jose transitioned smoothly.

Jose credits his four years of military experience and learned skills in helping him shift into a civilian career as a driver. “I can drive in tight places with no anxiety. We had to drive in similar scenarios in other countries. I have patience in traffic and with people driving recklessly. And safety – in the military, we always looked over our truck, check if tires are flat, a head light is out,” he said. “Those rules are applied in the civilian world on the road and in the yard before you get into the truck.”

Through a simple online inquiry and phone conversation with the J.B. Hunt military hiring team, Jose learned more about the company’s Veteran hiring culture and their Finisher Program. He said he was a bit skeptical about driving for J.B. Hunt as he would need to drive a manual; he only drove automatic in the military. “They told me about the program and the process of learning how to drive manual. They made me feel comfortable and the trainer taught me too. It definitely helped me out,” he said with gratitude.

The Hunt’s Heroes Finisher Program places service members, who have experience driving heavy equipment, on a fast track to a civilian career in truck driving. Many receive waivers to obtain their CDL A quickly and then undergo a few weeks of schooling and behind-the-wheel training through the program.

In addition, J.B. Hunt also works with qualifying service members, such as Jose, to obtain their GI Bill Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA) payments from the VA – an educational benefit paid to them in addition to their paycheck- to help ease their transition further. “It’s helped me live comfortably by supporting my family,” Jose explained.

Jose’s Account Manager, Michael, appreciates the ambitious Hunt’s Heroes driver who joined his team. “Jose is a hardworking individual and we are very happy that he decided to join the company after the military. He comes to work every day when he is scheduled to and gives us a max effort when he is here. The military trains and shapes individuals to be hard working and need-to-get-the-job-done kind of people. That is Jose,” he said.

Although Michael and other management remind Jose that he’s “the best runner they got,” he doesn’t think it’s anything more than being disciplined and doing his job, like the military taught him. “We have a mission. We have to get things done,” Jose emphasized.


Learn more about J.B. Hunt’s military hiring program by calling 1-800-207-6097 or by visiting Fill out our short form to be contacted about joining our ranks as a civilian truck driver.



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6 Reasons Why J.B. Hunt is Ranked Veteran Friendly

6 Reasons Why J.B. Hunt is Ranked Veteran Friendly

Jul 03 2017

Hiring Military Veterans

J.B. Hunt values what Veterans bring to the work place – specialized skills, a sense of duty, ambition, adaptability and real-world experience. We are confident that we outshine other companies when it comes to recognizing and advancing our military Veteran employees, whether they are transitioning into civilian careers or have been with J.B. Hunt for several years.

Read further to learn more about what makes J.B. Hunt military friendly and how committed we are to the success of Veterans.

1) Hunt’s Heroes Military Hiring Program

J.B. Hunt’s military hiring program, Hunt’s Heroes, continues to grow and offer more assistance and opportunities to Veterans every year. Since its inception in 2014, the program has expanded its local and regional truck driving and its delivery installation specialist opportunities to Veterans of any military occupation, developed an extensive Department of Labor apprenticeship which offers Monthly Housing Allowance payments from the VA to qualified Veterans, and most recently, has begun offering employment opportunities to military spouses.

Jobs for military veterans


2) J.B. Hunt Veteran Employee Resource Group

J.B. Hunt’s appreciation for Veterans is woven into our employee culture and highly emphasized within our Veteran Employee Resource Group (VERG). The group is known to ensure the growth of Veterans within the company by enhancing their professional career development and work productivity as well as sponsoring, supporting and developing Veteran events such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day and volunteering opportunities.

VERG also recognizes self-identified employee Veterans with J.B. Hunt challenge coins. The challenge coin shows our gratitude and support for our troops within all military branches. Veteran driver Evan was given a coin soon after he began his career at J.B. Hunt.

“I received a commemorative coin from J.B. Hunt today… Thank you! Thanks to the entire company!” he said. “I never expected one from a trucking company… Getting a gift like this is crazy cool. I’m proud to work for a company that prioritizes things like this. I feel supported by you guys. You all very much touched my heart.”

challenge coins


3) Company Support of the ESGR and Veteran Jobs Mission

In 2013, J.B. Hunt proudly signed a Statement of Support through the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) program and pledged to hire and support employees who serve in the National Guard and Reserve. Through this signing, J.B. Hunt has embraced the following:

  • Recognize and support our country’s service members and their families and honor the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.
  • Provide managers with the tools they need to effectively manage National Guard and Reserve employees.
  • Appreciate the values, leadership and unique skills service members bring to the workforce and encourage opportunities to hire Guardsmen, Reservists and Veterans.

J.B. Hunt is also a member of the Veteran Jobs Mission, a coalition of now 230 private-sector companies committed to hiring 100,000 U.S. military Veterans by 2020. The Veteran Jobs Mission has collectively hired more than 380,000 Veterans since it began in 2011 and has increased their hiring goal to one million Veterans. J.B. Hunt is excited to be a part of this inspiring mission.


Veteran Job Mission Logo


4) Differential Military Pay Policy:

J.B. Hunt understands that employee Guardsmen and Reservists can be called to duty and be absent from their civilian job for many days or weeks. To offer stability, J.B. Hunt pays the difference between a qualified employee’s military compensation and their regular salary. By offering differential pay, we hope to minimize the employee’s loss of income while they are away serving.

Jobs for military veterans


5) Observes Veteran Holidays and Events

J.B. Hunt regularly encourages employees to participate in Veteran holidays – Memorial Day and Veterans Day – on a corporate and account level. Employees plan and engage in ceremonies where staff gather to honor those who have served and sacrificed for our nation.

Since 2014, J.B. Hunt has also participated in Wreaths Across America where J.B. Hunt military Veteran drivers transport thousands of wreaths to national cemeteries and alongside fellow employees and volunteers, lay them on the headstones of soldiers. We are honored to participate and do our part in remembering our country’s Veterans.

Hiring military veterans

6) Recognized as a Military Friendly® Employer

Our employees aren’t the only ones who find J.B. Hunt to be military friendly. For the past 10 years, J.B. Hunt has been recognized by G.I. Jobs for its commitment in providing Veterans a smooth transition into rewarding civilian careers in transportation. They named J.B. Hunt a 2017 Top 100 Military Friendly® Employerranking eighth out of companies with revenue over $1 billion. We find pride in such an achievement and are determined to make our way up the rank.

Military Friendly Employer seal gi jobs 2017


Are you a Veteran ready to work with a military friendly company? Call 1-800-207-6097 to learn more about our Hunt’s Heroes program. Looking to drive with J.B. Hunt as a civilian? Call 1-877-791-9458 or fill out a short form online.

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Women Drivers Have Each Other’s Backs

Women Drivers Have Each Other’s Backs

Jun 26 2017

Local Truck Driving Job

Intermodal drivers Jodi and Cheryl may have followed different paths in life but both reached the same destination: J.B. Hunt.

Jodi first discovered an interest in trucking after a trip across the country and a visit to the library. “I always wanted to live in California… I lived there for three months. I drove all the way there and back, that was the best part!” she said. “I went to the library to research different jobs that let you travel and found a children’s book about trucking. It had an ad for a local truck driving school.”

Jodi attended the nearby driving school and excelled to the top of her class. “I took to it naturally,” she said. She went on to spend a number of years over the road and after having her son, she was ready for a local trucking job that got her home daily. She made her way into J.B. Hunt Intermodal and 19 years later, she’s still at J.B. Hunt and on the same Intermodal account. “People wanna know when I’m going to retire. Never! Five more years until my two million miles,” Jodi said with excitement.

Cheryl decided to pursue truck driving later in life and joined J.B. Hunt almost two years ago. When she retired from a management position at the United States Post Office, she was ready for a local truck driving job where she could work at her own pace and not manage others. Cheryl convinced a truck driver friend to let her ride along one day. She became convinced that she needed to learn the ropes and make driving her next career choice.

Local truck driving job

When the two drivers first met, Cheryl was rather intimidated by Jodi. “I had been driving for only three months and she was a veteran driver with 20 years. She has a very strong presence,” she said. Cheryl’s anxiety soon passed as Jodi took the new driver under her wing and trained her on delivery routes and customer locations. “She told me if I had any questions or concerns, she’s only a phone call away,” Cheryl explained.

Being the only active women drivers out of almost 40 drivers at their Intermodal account, the two have leaned on each other during challenging times on the road. “Jodi has been someone I can count on,” Cheryl said. “A friendship with Jodi is knowing that there’s another woman who has your back.” “Cheryl has a teenage boy… I know it’s difficult to be a mom and be at every event you want to be at,” Jodi added. “We are Facebook friends, that’s what makes it official!”

This past December, as a military Veteran, Cheryl was offered the opportunity to participate in Wreaths Across America and drive a leg of the route that was destined for Arlington National Cemetery. She found herself relying on Jodi for support. “She helped me stay cool, calm and collected during Wreaths Across America. She was on the phone talking with me and encouraged me to keep going,” she said.


With Jodi’s reassurance, Cheryl conquered any setbacks that arose and transported the wreaths to their next location. “I was really proud of her. She was really nervous about it. She could call me whenever she needed anything. She could lean on me,” Jodi said. “She went and enjoyed herself, she was proud of herself for doing it and we were proud of her for doing it.”

Jodi and Cheryl are eager for more women to take advantage of the various local CDL jobs at J.B. Hunt and become a part of its driving force. “The more women we get involved, the better we are as a company,” Jodi said.


Interested in working with a company that offers a variety of driving opportunities? Call 1-877-791-9458 to discuss over the roadregional and local truck driving jobs or contract opportunities with J.B. Hunt or fill out a short form online.

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Driver Enjoys the Challenge of Driving Live Haul

Driver Enjoys the Challenge of Driving Live Haul

Jun 19 2017

Army Veteran and company driver Brent began his three-year J.B Hunt career transporting rail containers and within a few months, he made a big shift to a live haul job moving agricultural equipment. His day now involves moving feed trailers and drop bed trailers stacked with cages filled with poultry or eggs. “You have to think about the welfare of the birds, the stability of the trailers and getting into tricky areas at night,” he said. “Live haul allows you to test your driving skills every day – country, back roads and dirt roads, heavy traffic, in town and at night… It’s never boring. You see what kind of driver you are.”

Local truck driving job

Before retiring from the Army in 2014, Brent knew he wanted to stay in the field of logistics and live close to his parents in Arkansas. “I began researching online and seeing what was available and J.B. Hunt seemed to be the best fit,” he said. “J.B. Hunt offers every job that the Army has, there’s a fit for you at J.B. Hunt somewhere – in communications, security, safety, driving… It’s a good organization that has the same branching that the military has.”

Beginning a career at J.B. Hunt as a driver made the most fundamental sense to Brent. “You should know what’s going on on the front lines… You can better come up with a solution,” he said. “The good thing about J.B. Hunt is that they have so many opportunities in so many different areas. All of the positions have to do with the driver.”

Local truck driving job

Within a month of transitioning out of the military, Brent entered J.B. Hunt’s newly formed Hunt’s Heroes hiring program. The unique program offers driving opportunities and training to qualified Veterans and transitioning service members, no matter their experience. “I got on board during the program’s early stages… It’s grown so much,” he said.

Brent’s managers quickly noticed the Veteran’s ability to adapt and problem solve and continue to give him more responsibilities outside the cab. “I always want to know more, always asking situational questions… They sat me down and started showing me more. I fill in for my manager when he’s on vacation – build schedules and dispatch,” he said.

Local truck driving job

Brent plans to continue to excel within the company and advance into management. “I like to progress, make myself better… Any time an opportunity comes up, I do it. It makes me a better driver, a better employee and an asset to J.B. Hunt,” he said.

And if you’re a Veteran looking for your final civilian career destination, J.B. Hunt comes highly recommended by Brent. “I’d like to applaud J.B. Hunt for recognizing Vets and their sacrifices…J.B. Hunt is a good U.S. company, they get a gold star!”


Interested in more home time with a local truck driving job or contract opportunity? Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out a short form online. Are you a military Veteran wanting to learn more about our Hunt’s Heroes program? Call us at 1-800-207-6097.

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J.B. Hunt Fulfilling Mission to Hire 10,000 Veterans by 2020

J.B. Hunt Fulfilling Mission to Hire 10,000 Veterans by 2020

May 26 2017

J.B. Hunt’s military Veteran hiring team is determined to do their part in reaching the company-wide initiative to hire 10,000 Veterans by 2020. No matter a Veteran’s driving experience, qualified candidates who participate in the Hunt’s Heroes  apprenticeship program are hired and trained for civilian careers in local or regional truck driving.

The Hunt’s Heroes hiring team often partakes in job fairs on military bases to discuss truck driving careers with transitioning service members but now, they are going a significant step further – they arrive with the mission to hire, often for open positions near the base. The team has partnered with J.B. Hunt representatives from surrounding accounts who are looking for Veterans to fill their positions in driving, installation, maintenance and management. The representatives are given the opportunity to do onsite interviews with candidates, and if they are the right fit for J.B. Hunt, present them with conditional offers of employment. (3)

This newly executed mission has already rendered great results for service members and J.B. Hunt – 6 solid hires and 6 candidates are currently moving through the final hiring process. The new employees are due to fill the following positions – CDL A drivers, delivery installation specialists, maintenance and a manager in training.

Once a Veteran has accepted an offer of employment as a CDL A driver or a delivery installation specialist, they begin their journey through the Hunt’s Heroes apprenticeship program. The process involves attending orientation, truck driving school (for CDL A drivers) and behind-the-wheel training at their new account.

Veteran jobs

Service member accepting J.B. Hunt’s conditional offer of employment.

To further opportunity and alleviate the cost of driving school, J.B. Hunt has joined efforts with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services and was recently awarded the Arkansas Expands Apprenticeship (AREA) Grant. With AREA grant funds, qualified candidates can attend driving school at a greatly reduced price – translating into an additional 50 Veteran hires in the next 12 months.

This month, the first three Veteran AREA grant recipients – Andy, Eric and Jonathan- began their education at the Mid-America Truck Driving School located on the campus of Northwest Technical Institute in Springdale, Arkansas. Once they finish school, the new drivers will proceed to their assigned J.B. Hunt accounts and undergo training with an experienced company driver who is also a Veteran.

Hiring Veteran drivers

AREA Grant recipients and Hunt’s Heroes military Veteran drivers – Eric, Jonathan and Andy.

AREA grant recipient and Army Veteran Andy understands that hard work and behind-the-scenes collaboration make programs like the Hunt’s Heroes apprenticeship possible. “Partnering with the school and for people to take the time to apply for the grant and actively seek Veterans to join the program and wanting to help people out, it’s really good,” he said. “I’m happy to be a part of something people at the top to the bottom want to be a part of… Everybody has been above board and honest and has treated everyone with respect. It can’t get any better. I’m just happy!”


Are you interested in being the next Veteran to enter the Hunt’s Heroes program and begin a rewarding civilian career in truck driving? Give our military hiring team a call at 1-800-207-6097 or fill out a short form online.

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Military Veteran and Spouse Find Rewarding Civilian Careers at J.B. Hunt

Military Veteran and Spouse Find Rewarding Civilian Careers at J.B. Hunt

May 15 2017

Army Veteran and Intermodal driver Phillip has no regrets about his decision to move into a career in truck driving after 20 years of military service. “I like the fact that I’m my own boss. I make my own rules, no one bugging me all the time. I like the freedom,” he said. “The pay is good. It’s really good, especially when talking to other drivers. I feel bad for them.”

According to Phillip and his wife Tanya, J.B. Hunt made their transition into civilian life “stress free” through the Hunt’s Heroes apprenticeship program. “We’ve seen a million people get out of the military, we got really lucky with J.B. Hunt. There was no lapse in employment,” Tanya said. “Phillip got an email from J.B. Hunt and he called them back. By the time he got off the phone, he had a job… he had the job months before he got out.”

tanya and phillip

Having a regional truck driving job lined up allowed Phillip to focus on moving his family to Iowa, obtaining his CDL A, training with an experienced J.B. Hunt driver and becoming a solo intermodal company driver. He quickly found out that truck driving suited him and his military skill set well. “As a mechanic in the Army for 20 years, I have a knack for dealing with vehicles,” he said. “I gained a lot of respect for this job the moment I drove the truck on the interstate.”

With an opening for a Marketing Office Specialist, J.B. Hunt was able to help Tanya, who was a stay-at-home mother at the time, transition smoothly from military spouse to civilian. The position involved indexing documents and paperwork and could be performed from home – ideal for a mother of four. “I’m really good at it… I just love working for J.B. Hunt. It’s super cool working from home,” she said. “It’s flexible in the sense that I feel like an at-home parent.”

The couple has found it rewarding to work for the established carrier – in more ways than one. “We are financially stress free by working at J.B. Hunt,” Tanya said. “We are making three times what we were making in the military.” She went on to explain a personal advantage of Phillip transitioning out of the military and into a regional driving job, “I don’t have to worry if he is safe or not when he’s not home.”

Phillip truck

The couple encourages other Veterans and their families to consider the Hunt’s Heroes apprenticeship program, as it helped them successfully enter the civilian work force. “Once I got on board, everything the recruiter said I’d get, I got. What he said about J.B. Hunt is true… The honesty, that’s what I respect about the company so far,” Phillip said.


J.B. Hunt is proud to offer career opportunities to Veterans, transitioning soldiers and their spouses through our Hunt’s Heroes program. Learn more about joining our ranks by calling 1-800-207-6097 or fill out a short form online.

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Military Veteran Finds Pride in Grocery Delivery

Military Veteran Finds Pride in Grocery Delivery

Apr 26 2017

“I’m still a bit amazed that J.B. Hunt would go out of their way to offer such fabulous opportunities to Veterans,” DCS driver and Army Veteran Kevin said. “I enjoy what I’m doing and I know there are other opportunities in the company. I’m long term.”


Although Kevin has been transporting dry and frozen groceries for over a year now, it didn’t take long for him to understand the impact his job has on customers. “When I’m at a store and see people taking groceries off the store shelf, that was me. I deliver a much needed product to the store on time. I’m fulfilling that need,” he said. “It’s a sense of pride. You realize what you’re doing makes a difference.”

Driving a truck and delivering goods wasn’t always a part of Kevin’s career plans. After 21 years of serving in the Army and nearly a decade working as a government contractor, he quickly realized that non-government management positions paid lower then what he expected, making it difficult for him to support his family. To his surprise, he came across a mission-oriented occupation that offered a more competitive wage and home time. “I found truck driving. It’s not the most glamorous job, but it pays well,” he said.

Kevin discovered his local truck driving job after responding to an online ad and quickly hearing back from J.B. Hunt’s Veteran hiring team. He was introduced to the Hunt’s Heroes apprenticeship program where Veterans, no matter their driving experience, are offered a fast track to a career in transportation. After learning more about J.B. Hunt, the Hunt’s Heroes apprenticeship program and the job’s responsibilities, Kevin was convinced to take on the opportunity. “I’m a Vet, no truck driving experience and they want me,” he said. “They are willing to trust me. I’ll give them a shot.”


Kevin’s ambition and strong work ethic as well as his military skills have helped him excel in his position. “My military skills help me every day. I drove two and a half ton trucks with generators when I was 18. These trailers are longer but the concepts were the same… it was easy to transition,” he said. “I also use customer service, discipline, understanding, leadership and respect every day.”

Within two months on the job, Kevin earned the Account Driver of the Month award. “I don’t do it for the accolades, it’s just the right thing to do. It’s proper customer service,” he said. “I would have done it even if I wasn’t the driver of the month.”

This March, Kevin reached his one-year anniversary as a DCS driver and was surprised to hear from the Veteran hiring team again. “When I received a congratulations email on my one-year anniversary, it means that someone cares… that’s why I like this company,” he said. “From a Veteran’s stand point, I think it’s [Hunt’s Heroes] a great program.”

Kevin has no regrets about joining the ranks at J.B. Hunt as a company driver. He’s glad to be a part of the growing Fortune 500 company. “It’s a good job, good benefits, good company… it’s fulfilling to know you’re a part of something,” he said. “I hope to stay with the company until I retire. I have more to add.”


Interested in more home time with a local truck driving job or contract opportunity? Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out a short form online. Are you a military Veteran wanting to learn more about our Hunt’s Heroes program? Call us at 1-800-207-6097.

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Truck Driver and Manager Together for the Long Haul

Truck Driver and Manager Together for the Long Haul

Apr 17 2017

“What I really love about my job is my connection to my drivers,” Account Manager Nicole said. “It’s hard to gain trust with a driver and easy to lose it.”

Nicole’s J.B. Hunt career and exchange with truck drivers began 10 years ago as a college intern. “For the first three weeks, I was clueless… I knew nothing about transportation!” she said. “I was transparent that I would learn from the drivers…I’d listen to them and learn how to avoid issues. I never want to set anyone up for failure.”


Manager Nicole in her office.

Once Nicole graduated from college, she became a manager in training, then an operations supervisor and now her current position as an account manager. Near the start of her career at J.B. Hunt, she met an owner operator named James who moved freight for her account as needed on a contract basis. Nicole and James recognized each other’s strong work ethic and soon became friends.  “I appreciate James’ willingness to do what he can for J.B. Hunt… and do it safely,” she said.

With only nine drivers on her team – five being one million milers and two being two million milers –she had a rare opening for a company driving position on her team this past year. Nicole knew who would be a great asset to her team –James, who had moved from being an owner operator to a company driver in 2013. Nicole and James came to an agreement that if he could be flexible with freight demands, Nicole would get him home every week. And she’s kept her word.

Manager nicole and drivers

J.B. Hunt Manager Nicole and her team of drivers.

“I’ve always enjoyed working with Nicole… we get the mission accomplished safely and on time,” James added. “She has nine older men drivers and we all give her the ultimate respect because she gets the job done. She’s always straight facts.”

James has had only two jobs in his life – a Marine and a truck driver. He joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17, went to boot camp at 18, served in Vietnam at 19, continued to serve in the infantry for 30 years and retired at the age of 47 as a Sergeant Major. When deciding his civilian career path, James knew one thing for sure. “I wanted to do something where I didn’t have to be in charge of anyone but myself,” he said. Truck driving fit his requirement and he’s enjoyed his decision ever since. “I like getting up every day and I’m going somewhere different, like the military. I can’t go to the same job, same place every day. It makes me happy to do what I do,” James said.

DCS driver James.

DCS driver James.

Throughout his 18 years working with J.B. Hunt, James says that he’s been given numerous opportunities – leasing trucks and becoming an owner operator three times, receiving the Driver of the Year award and one and two million mile safe driver bonuses as a company driver, training fellow Veterans through the Hunt’s Heroes program, and with the support and nomination from Nicole, participating in Wreaths Across America.

James describes driving for Wreaths Across America and helping deliver wreaths from Maine to the Arlington National Cemetery as a “God blessing”. “I was in turmoil in my political stance this past year,” he said. “When I got back from Wreaths Across America, I knew we [Americans] were not divided. We have opinions, but we aren’t divided. Wreaths Across America allowed me to tell Veterans from Vietnam that we are appreciated.”

DCS drivers James and Mike

DCS drivers James and Mike participating in Wreaths Across America.

By driving on Nicole’s team this past year, James has developed an appreciation for her leadership skills. “I appreciate Nicole’s equality, compassion, professionalism, dedication and her capability to do her job… She’s able to manage her whole life and her job well. I admire her for that,” he said. “I learned from Nicole that you can work for a person and still feel equal to them. That’s how Nicole makes you feel – you are on equal ground.”

Nicole continues to learn from all the drivers on her team, but James, in particular, manages to keep her in check. “James constantly reminds me what’s important – being kind and generous and your family. He’s my moral compass,” she said. “…and don’t take for granted any moment you have, make every day count.”

This past January, James had planned to finish his career at J.B. Hunt with retirement, but he was persuaded to stay on an extra six months. “I was supposed to retire in January. I gave Nicole my word that I’d stay until June. I’m staying because of her,” he said.

DCS driver James and Manager Nicole

DCS driver James and Manager Nicole and Operations Manager Peter.

James is looking forward to enjoying more time with his high school sweetheart and wife, Shelia and his three grandchildren, tinkering with his 12 hot rods and sharpening his golfing and bowling skills.

Nicole has a deep gratitude for James’ hard work and dedication to his job and J.B. Hunt. She knows June will be here too soon. “When he does retire, it’ll be a sad day. I’ll lose him as a driver, but I’ll keep him as a friend,” she said.


Interested in driving with J.B. Hunt? Call 1-877-791-9458 to speak to a placement specialist to discuss regional, truckload and local truck driving jobs or contract opportunities or fill out a short form online.

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We Need Your Vote! Freightliner Photo Face-OFF Contest

We Need Your Vote! Freightliner Photo Face-OFF Contest

Mar 24 2017

We need your vote! J.B. Hunt has entered one of our Freightliner trucks named “Service and Sacrifice” into the head-to-head competition: 2017 Freightliner Photo Face-Off. The truck proudly parades its red, white and blue patriotic colors from the inside out and flies the American flag and another showing all the military branches. See all its glory by viewing the beautiful pictures below .


Take a moment to visit the 2017 Freightliner Photo Face-Off and vote for J.B. Hunt’s “Service and Sacrifice” Freightliner!

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J.B. Hunt Re-pledges Support to Hire Guard and Reserve Employees

J.B. Hunt Re-pledges Support to Hire Guard and Reserve Employees

Jan 30 2017

This past December, J.B. Hunt’s Chief Operations Officer Craig Harper resigned a statement of support with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) in a signing ceremony at the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

ESGR resigning 2016

By resigning the statement of support, J.B. Hunt re-pledges to continue to do the following:

  • Recognize and support our country’s service members and their families.
  • Recognize and honor the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.
  • Provide managers with the tools they need to effectively manage employees who serve in the Guard and Reserve.
  • Appreciate the values, leadership and unique skills service members bring to the workforce and encourage opportunities to hire Guardsmen, Reservists and Veterans.

More recently, Regional Operations Manager Trevor and J.B. Hunt were presented the Patriotic Employer Award from the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the National Guard. It gives recognition to employers who contribute to national security and protecting liberty and freedom by supporting employee participation in America’s National Guard and Reserve force. Trevor was nominated by his Fleet Manager, Luis.

Trevor with ESGR award

Through our Hunt’s Heroes military hiring program, we uphold our commitment to the above goals and hiring Veterans for regional and local truck driving jobs. Are you ready to work with a military friendly employer? Learn more about joining our ranks by calling 1-800-207-6097 or prequalify online.

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