J.B. Hunt Transport Celebrates 56 Years

J.B. Hunt Transport Celebrates 56 Years

Aug 07 2017

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On August 10th, J.B. Hunt celebrates its 56th anniversary and its historical impact on the logistics transportation industry. The distinguished carrier has grown from a small business of only five trucks and seven refrigerated trailers to a Fortune 500 company with over 13,000 trucks, 110,000 trailers and containers countrywide and $6.5 billion in annual revenues.

With an ambitious force of over 23,000 employees, J.B. Hunt is committed to being an industry leader in innovation, safety and diverse operations. Our employees have been the key to J.B. Hunt’s successful history and promising future by continually providing superior customer service, optimal efficiency and safety, effective freight management and creative solutions.


Strong work ethic and persistence are at the foundation of J.B. Hunt. Co-founders Johnnie Bryan and Johnelle Hunt were committed to long term growth and making J.B. Hunt Transport a reputable carrier within the transportation industry. To achieve recognition above the competition and increase company pride amidst employees, Mr. Hunt designed the familiar black and yellow scroll logo that adorns thousands of trucks, trailers and uniforms today.

jb hunt tank truck

The origin of the J.B. Hunt logo began in Keo, Arkansas when Mr. Hunt was visiting J.D. Cobb, a J.B. Hunt Transport original investor and board member. They stumbled upon an income tax form that had an image of a scroll at the bottom with placement for the total amount owed. Mr. Hunt favored the scroll and took the form home, redrew the image and added his own touches. He asked Mrs. Hunt to have it placed on the invoices of the couple’s original rice hull business.

According to long time employees, the black and yellow scroll became J.B. Hunt Transport’s official logo and placed on the carrier’s equipment and driver uniforms in the early 1970s and has stayed a consistent design ever since.

jb hunt logo

jbh employees













Recently retired Intermodal driver Benton feels grateful for the opportunity to wear the black and yellow scroll and serve J.B. Hunt customers for the last 23 years. “You make friends with the customer with a hand shake…If I had a set appointment, I was there early… I’ve always considered that on time is late,” he said. “I didn’t do it my way. I did it Mr. Hunt’s way and that is the way to do it.”

mr hunt
To learn more about J.B. Hunt’s historical milestones and how our people continue to move our nation, check out our video below.


Are you a truck driver who is ready to drive with J.B. Hunt and help us move our nation? Call 1-877-791-9458 or visit DriveJBHunt.com to learn about over the road, regional or local truck driving jobs and contract opportunities or fill out our short form online.

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2017 Arkansas Truck Driving Championship: Meet the Drivers

2017 Arkansas Truck Driving Championship: Meet the Drivers

Jul 07 2017

Truck driving jobs

You’re invited to support our J.B. Hunt drivers at this year’s 2017 Arkansas Truck Driving Championship! The competition is taking place July 13-15 at the John Q. Hammons Convention Center parking lot in Rogers, Arkansas.

Twenty-nine of our J.B. Hunt truck drivers will be traveling to Northwest Arkansas to compete in the written and skills portion of the event. If you’re in the area, we invite you to cheer on our team Saturday, July 15 at the John Q. Hammons Convention Center parking lot. Come out and enjoy great company and food!

If you can’t make it, be sure to follow @J.B. Hunt Drivers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates and photos of the event. Good luck to all of the drivers competing!

Meet our J.B. Hunt drivers competing this week:


Andrea is a Truckload driver from Virginia Beach, Va. She has driven accident-free for J.B. Hunt for eight years. She’s reached one million safe miles and has received the Driver of the Month award. When she’s not traveling, she enjoys fishing, playing billiards, practicing her fiddle and spending time with her spouse Sara.


Andrew is a Final Mile driver from Ypsilanti, Mich., who has been driving with J.B. Hunt for four years. While off the road, he likes spending time with his spouse Kathy and their two children, as well as playing golf and basketball. Over the past seven years, he has enjoyed volunteering with teens at his church.

Angel C

Angel is a DCS driver from Overland Park, Kan., with 20 years of driving experience at J.B. Hunt and two million safe miles on his record. During his free time, Angel enjoys being with his family, working on cars, and doing woodwork. Two of his most heroic moments include rescuing two motorists from a car wreck and helping capture three criminals on the run.


Arthur is a DCS driver from Kansas City, Mo., who has 20 years of truck driving under his belt and was named 2015 Driver of the Year. He is a father of three grown children and proud husband to spouse, Andrea. He enjoys basketball, baseball, football, watching movies and volunteering.


Bryan is a DCS driver and has worked for J.B. Hunt for five years. On his downtime, he enjoys watching NASCAR and was a Fire Fighter, Police Officer and First Responder.


Casey Buck is from Haslet, Texas and has been driving intermodal for almost three years. Casey is an Army Veteran with 12 years of service and four tours in Iraq. He enjoys carpentry, NERF wars, video games and sports with his kids.


Charles is a DCS driver for an account in Stuttgart, Ark. Although new to J.B. Hunt, he has 22 years of driving experience under his belt. When he is not working, Charles enjoys hunting, horses, cattle and attending his daughter’s softball games.


Dale is a Final Mile driver in Greer, S.C., and has been with J.B. Hunt for over six years. Dale’s managers praise his hard work, customers are impressed by his timely deliveries and fellow drivers look to him when they encounter any problems. Many describe him as one who is always willing to help whenever needed.


Darrell is a DCS driver from Alvarado, Texas. He’s been driving accident-free with J.B. Hunt for 20 years and has accomplished one million safe miles. Darrell is a returning champion to the TDC. He won first place in the flat bed category in 1999 and second place in flat bed in 2000. When he’s not behind the wheel, Darrell likes to fish, camp, farm and volunteer at his church.


Darren, a Final Mile driver from Paw Paw, Mich., has been with J.B. Hunt for almost eight years and earned the Final Mile 2015 National Driver of the Year award. Darren won the 2015 Rookie of the Year and first place in the straight truck division in 2016. When he’s home, he enjoys being with his two teenagers and spouse Kathy, as well as writing songs, singing and playing music for local venues.


Daryl is a Truckload driver from Norcross, Ga., who has been driving with J.B. Hunt for five years. When he’s not traveling the states, he enjoys spending quality time with his two boys and two girls. Daryl knows how to get the job done but always finds time to help others in need – like when he helped an elderly couple on the side of the road change a flat tire.


David is an Intermodal driver from Staunton, Ill.  He’s been a J.B. Hunt driver for five years and has proudly earned one, two, three and four-year safe driving awards. When he is not driving, he can be found playing with his two young children, gardening, cooking, hunting or riding his new motorcycle.


David is a DCS driver from Jarrettsville, Md. He has driven accident free for J.B. Hunt for 14 years and has reached one million safe miles. He says the most unusual thing he has hauled is a satellite for NASA. In his life off the road, David likes to hunt, play pool and ride his motorcycle. He also courageously fights house fires and assists in Life Flight as a volunteer fireman.


Freddie is a DCS driver out of Mohave Valley, Ariz., and a proud Army Veteran who served in air defense in Germany. Freddie has received numerous driving awards – Regional Road Star, Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year for the Western Region. Outside of work, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, camping, off-roading, volunteering and spending time with his family.



James is a Final Mile driver from Tacoma, Wash., and has been with J.B. Hunt for over two years. He is a proud father of four children, Emily, Bailey, Mallory and Gavin. When he’s off the road, James likes to scuba dive and volunteer at the Special Olympics.


James is an Intermodal driver out of Haslet, Texas and a retired Army Veteran who has received numerous distinguished medals for his service. He is known to be the first to complete assigned training, classes or work modules and lend a hand to his fellow drivers. James has received the 1 Year Accident Free Service award. When he’s not working, he likes to work on cars.


James is an Intermodal driver from Saginaw, Texas, who has been with J.B. Hunt for the past three years. He has a proud history of driving in the military where he received three meritorious promotions and a good conduct award. James loves to spend time with his girls hiking and fishing. He also enjoys football, fishing and volunteering at his church.


Jeffery is an Intermodal driver from Brooklyn, Ohio, who has been driving with J.B. Hunt for nine years. In 2014, he won second place in the five-axle day cab category and Rookie of the Year. In 2015 and 2016, he placed third in five-axle day cab. When he’s not on the road or winning TDC awards, Jeffrey likes being with his spouse Angie and playing sports with their kids, Alyssa and Jeffrey Jr.


John is a DCS driver out of Glendale, Ariz., and has received numerous driving awards – 1 Million Miles Accident Free, 2 Million Miles Accident Free, 3 Million Miles Accident Free, West Coast Driver of the Year, multiple Driver of the Month and runner up J.B. Hunt Trainer of the Year. John enjoys working on and riding his motorcycle and spending time spoiling his grandkids.


Jon is an Intermodal driver from Racine, Wis., who has been a trucker for 27 years and has driven over two million safe miles. When he’s not hauling containers, he likes spending quality time with his daughter, as well as building hot rods, riding his motorcycle and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.


Kevin is a DCS driver from Macungie, Pa., and has been with J.B. Hunt for 15 years. Throughout his career, he has earned the Regional Driver of the Month and Northeast Regional Driver of the Year awards. He likes spending time with his fiancé Charlene, playing bass and toy collecting.


Michael is a Final Mile driver from Locust Grove, Okla. He’s been with J.B. Hunt for the past 14 years and has been accident free for all 22 years of his driving career. When he’s not delivering to J.B. Hunt customers, Michael spends his free moments with his kids and spouse Wendy.


Paul is a Truckload driver from Province, Mo. He’s been safely driving with J.B. Hunt for 14 years and has reached 1.4 million safe miles. At the age of 15, Paul was one of the youngest EMTs for the state of Pennsylvania, delivering four children. When he’s not on the road, he loves riding his motorcycle.


Rick is a Truckload driver from Goochland, Va. He’s been with J.B. Hunt for four years and earned a two-year safe driving award. In 2016, Richard won 2nd place in the sleeper division at the TDC. He enjoys spending time with his spouse Nancy and playing guitar, fishing, doing mechanical work and fixing things on his farm. He also volunteers at the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.


Ronald is a Truckload driver and has worked for J.B. Hunt for nineteen years. Ronald has received Driver of the Month and One and Two Million Safe Miles driving awards. When he is not working, he writes music and makes music videos for social media.


Samuel is a Final Mile driver from Meeker, Okla. He has worked with J.B. Hunt for 13 years and proudly reached one million safe miles in May of 2016. When he is not driving, he loves hanging out with his kids, attending their sporting events and bicycling with them.


Sean is a DCS driver from South Amboy, N.J. He’s been driving with J.B. Hunt for five years and received the 2013 Driver of the Year award. Sean is rolling out thousands of safe miles and isn’t far from reaching his goal of one million miles.


Steven is an Intermodal driver from Union Grove, Wis. He’s been driving accident-free with J.B. Hunt for six years and has won the Driver of the Month award. When he’s not on the road transporting containers, he can be found riding his motorcycle.


Vernon is an Intermodal driver from Springtown, Texas, who has been with J.B. Hunt for four years.  He has made a name for himself by earning the Driver of the Month award and becoming a safety trainer for the fleet. When he’s not driving or training, he spends time with his spouse Tabby and their two little girls, as well as working on classic cars.


Interested in joining our team of hard working drivers? Call 1-877-791-9458 to discuss over the roadregional and local truck driving jobs or contract opportunities or fill out a short form online.

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J.B. Hunt Driver Finds Success While Driving in New York City

J.B. Hunt Driver Finds Success While Driving in New York City

Jul 05 2017

An estimated 8.5 million people live within the New York City limits, and over 600,000 people from the surrounding areas commute into the city for work. Home to the George Washington Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel, the busiest bridge and tunnel in the world, New York City is almost exclusively accessible by over or under water infrastructures. The streets are congested with bumper to bumper traffic at all hours of the day. The rules of the road are treated as mere guidelines. Parked cars line every street, turning what should be two lanes into one and a half and city buses barrel through haphazardly. There are stoplights at the corner of almost every block and crowds of pedestrians swarm the sidewalks, stepping into oncoming traffic as they cross the road.


The thought of driving just a 2-axle vehicle in New York City is enough to induce panic in most, but local J.B. Hunt driver, Owen, drives a tractor-trailer with ease through the city. Inching forward in rush hour traffic, Owen doesn’t even flinch when a yellow taxi suddenly cuts in front of him, narrowly missing his truck by inches. “I learned not to have road rage,” Owen says, shrugging as the taxi driver blares his horn. Driving five miles can take over an hour and the city is abundant with one-way streets and avenues blocked with double parked cars. One wrong turn can easily add an extra ten minutes of traffic and stress to your drive, but Owen has spent his four years with J.B. Hunt memorizing the quickest routes in and out of the city. “Before you commit to a full turn, look down the street,” Owen says, keeping an eye out for road blocks. He goes so far as to park his truck and walk down the block to ensure he will be able to make his next turn. If there is a delivery site he is unfamiliar with, Owen doesn’t hesitate to ask another driver for advice. “The best thing to do is always call another driver that’s been going to the city or been going to where you are going.”

Owen was only a year into his driving career with another company, when J.B. Hunt acquired his account. Seeing it as an opportunity to start fresh, Owen was excited to join the J.B. Hunt DCS team in Chester, NY. “A full year into his employment with J.B. Hunt, Owen quickly found his way to the top of our driving fleet,” Regional Operations Manager, Kenny Thomas wrote. In addition to taking on some of the accounts most difficult deliveries, Owen was trained to also work in the yard, which he saw as an opportunity to perfect his backing up skills. “Instead of one or two times a day…I was doing it for ten hours straight – just straight backing up. So now I got my backing up skills even greater than most people,” Owen says. “I can get in and out of tight places, like the city, with ease now.”

Always looking for an opportunity to learn more, Owen volunteered to join a pioneer group of drivers to support a sister account in Hatfield, MA. “That [account] delivers to privately owned grocery stores positioned in the downtown NYC Borough areas,” Kenny explains. Deliveries for the Hatfield account often force drivers to double park and off load the pallets onto the crowded sidewalks of Manhattan. “With his fellow drivers and his expertise, J.B. Hunt opened up an extremely important support link that the Hatfield [account] needed. This support link is still used today.”


Just shy of turning 30 years old, Owen has been driving with J.B. Hunt for four years and has been a Driver Trainer for three. “He is my go to guy when I need anything” Katie Franck, Owen’s Account Manager, says. “He can go to every store. You know, the city is where people are scared to go. Owen willingly goes there every single day for us.” In addition to being reliable on the road, Owen is always happy to help his fellow drivers. “A driver needed me the other day. A bridge was shut down. He couldn’t figure out how to get around the bridge to get to Brooklyn,” Owen says. “So, my account manager, she called me and gave me the guys number and asked if I could tell him how to get around the bridge to get to the store. That was one of my days off. I stopped what I was doing and called.”

Whether it is with his fellow drivers, his managers or with the customers he is delivering to, Owen tries to bring positivity to each of his interactions. “Owen’s always smiling…he’s got a positive personality,” DCS driver Joe W. says. Whether Owen is giving him advice on an unfamiliar delivery site, or simply making him laugh, Joe says it is a good interaction to have before heading out on the road. “If we had more people like him, I think this place would be a lot better.” If one of the managers is having a bad day, Katie says Owen checks to see if they are okay and tries to make them laugh. “He is always worried about everybody at the account.” She also says that Owen is always helpful and positive with his customer interactions. “When he goes to the stores, he knows how to talk to the managers there. He is more than willing to help the stores, as well.”

Owen enjoys the relationships he has built with his team, and is willing to go above and beyond to help them out, but his ambition is truly fueled by the desire to provide for his family. “I’m just motivated to work,” Owen says. “To be able to just take care of my two kids and give them everything that I didn’t have growing up as a kid…that’s what motivates me to work hard.” With two sons under the age of ten, Owen prides himself on being able to make enough money to give them everything they need. “My younger son he wants to do karate…and I haven’t paid for that yet,” Owen says. “This week I’ll work an extra day…so now I can afford to pay for that.”

Driver Owen_home7

“There is always work here if you want to make the money,” Owen says. The ability to work an extra day to make more money is one of his favorite things about driving for J.B. Hunt. He also appreciates the flexibility and home time his DCS account provides him. “Being able to be home every night is a good thing, you know. Help my kids with their homework. Pick them up from daycare on some occasions.” On his days off, Owen spends as much time as possible with his sons, enjoying their company. “We go to the movies and right now they are playing flag football, so we got to start practice for that.”

In addition to providing for his son’s, Owen is trying to save for his future. Constantly learning from others, Owen is inspired by a fellow driver on his account who is in his 70’s and works solely because he wants to. “He is retired. He is just working because he wants to. He is traveling because he wants to,” Owen says. “So, he motivates me to have my plan and put a lot of money in my 401K, which J.B. Hunt matches….so when I am 70, if I choose to work, I can work, not because I have to.”

Katie says Owen’s success at such a young age speaks volumes to the incoming drivers that he trains. “He might not have 20 years’ experience, but the experience he has…he is able to utilize it out there when he is driving.”

“Just follow the Smith System as much as possible, because people will cut you off and you just got to deal with it,” Owen says of driving in the city. In addition to patience and confidence, the advice he gives the drivers he is training is to take their time and to remember who they are working for. “Which for me,” Owen says, “I am working for my kids, to make sure they have everything.” It’s his love for them that drives him to be successful.




Interested in working with a carrier that offers a variety of driving opportunities? Call 1-877-791-9458 to discuss over the roadregional and local truck driving jobs or contract opportunities with J.B. Hunt or fill out a short form online.

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Women Drivers Have Each Other’s Backs

Women Drivers Have Each Other’s Backs

Jun 26 2017

Local Truck Driving Job

Intermodal drivers Jodi and Cheryl may have followed different paths in life but both reached the same destination: J.B. Hunt.

Jodi first discovered an interest in trucking after a trip across the country and a visit to the library. “I always wanted to live in California… I lived there for three months. I drove all the way there and back, that was the best part!” she said. “I went to the library to research different jobs that let you travel and found a children’s book about trucking. It had an ad for a local truck driving school.”

Jodi attended the nearby driving school and excelled to the top of her class. “I took to it naturally,” she said. She went on to spend a number of years over the road and after having her son, she was ready for a local trucking job that got her home daily. She made her way into J.B. Hunt Intermodal and 19 years later, she’s still at J.B. Hunt and on the same Intermodal account. “People wanna know when I’m going to retire. Never! Five more years until my two million miles,” Jodi said with excitement.

Cheryl decided to pursue truck driving later in life and joined J.B. Hunt almost two years ago. When she retired from a management position at the United States Post Office, she was ready for a local truck driving job where she could work at her own pace and not manage others. Cheryl convinced a truck driver friend to let her ride along one day. She became convinced that she needed to learn the ropes and make driving her next career choice.

Local truck driving job

When the two drivers first met, Cheryl was rather intimidated by Jodi. “I had been driving for only three months and she was a veteran driver with 20 years. She has a very strong presence,” she said. Cheryl’s anxiety soon passed as Jodi took the new driver under her wing and trained her on delivery routes and customer locations. “She told me if I had any questions or concerns, she’s only a phone call away,” Cheryl explained.

Being the only active women drivers out of almost 40 drivers at their Intermodal account, the two have leaned on each other during challenging times on the road. “Jodi has been someone I can count on,” Cheryl said. “A friendship with Jodi is knowing that there’s another woman who has your back.” “Cheryl has a teenage boy… I know it’s difficult to be a mom and be at every event you want to be at,” Jodi added. “We are Facebook friends, that’s what makes it official!”

This past December, as a military Veteran, Cheryl was offered the opportunity to participate in Wreaths Across America and drive a leg of the route that was destined for Arlington National Cemetery. She found herself relying on Jodi for support. “She helped me stay cool, calm and collected during Wreaths Across America. She was on the phone talking with me and encouraged me to keep going,” she said.


With Jodi’s reassurance, Cheryl conquered any setbacks that arose and transported the wreaths to their next location. “I was really proud of her. She was really nervous about it. She could call me whenever she needed anything. She could lean on me,” Jodi said. “She went and enjoyed herself, she was proud of herself for doing it and we were proud of her for doing it.”

Jodi and Cheryl are eager for more women to take advantage of the various local CDL jobs at J.B. Hunt and become a part of its driving force. “The more women we get involved, the better we are as a company,” Jodi said.


Interested in working with a company that offers a variety of driving opportunities? Call 1-877-791-9458 to discuss over the roadregional and local truck driving jobs or contract opportunities with J.B. Hunt or fill out a short form online.

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Driver Enjoys the Challenge of Driving Live Haul

Driver Enjoys the Challenge of Driving Live Haul

Jun 19 2017

Army Veteran and company driver Brent began his three-year J.B Hunt career transporting rail containers and within a few months, he made a big shift to a live haul job moving agricultural equipment. His day now involves moving feed trailers and drop bed trailers stacked with cages filled with poultry or eggs. “You have to think about the welfare of the birds, the stability of the trailers and getting into tricky areas at night,” he said. “Live haul allows you to test your driving skills every day – country, back roads and dirt roads, heavy traffic, in town and at night… It’s never boring. You see what kind of driver you are.”

Local truck driving job

Before retiring from the Army in 2014, Brent knew he wanted to stay in the field of logistics and live close to his parents in Arkansas. “I began researching online and seeing what was available and J.B. Hunt seemed to be the best fit,” he said. “J.B. Hunt offers every job that the Army has, there’s a fit for you at J.B. Hunt somewhere – in communications, security, safety, driving… It’s a good organization that has the same branching that the military has.”

Beginning a career at J.B. Hunt as a driver made the most fundamental sense to Brent. “You should know what’s going on on the front lines… You can better come up with a solution,” he said. “The good thing about J.B. Hunt is that they have so many opportunities in so many different areas. All of the positions have to do with the driver.”

Local truck driving job

Within a month of transitioning out of the military, Brent entered J.B. Hunt’s newly formed Hunt’s Heroes hiring program. The unique program offers driving opportunities and training to qualified Veterans and transitioning service members, no matter their experience. “I got on board during the program’s early stages… It’s grown so much,” he said.

Brent’s managers quickly noticed the Veteran’s ability to adapt and problem solve and continue to give him more responsibilities outside the cab. “I always want to know more, always asking situational questions… They sat me down and started showing me more. I fill in for my manager when he’s on vacation – build schedules and dispatch,” he said.

Local truck driving job

Brent plans to continue to excel within the company and advance into management. “I like to progress, make myself better… Any time an opportunity comes up, I do it. It makes me a better driver, a better employee and an asset to J.B. Hunt,” he said.

And if you’re a Veteran looking for your final civilian career destination, J.B. Hunt comes highly recommended by Brent. “I’d like to applaud J.B. Hunt for recognizing Vets and their sacrifices…J.B. Hunt is a good U.S. company, they get a gold star!”


Interested in more home time with a local truck driving job or contract opportunity? Give us a call at 1-877-791-9458 or fill out a short form online. Are you a military Veteran wanting to learn more about our Hunt’s Heroes program? Call us at 1-800-207-6097.

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Driver Balances Fatherhood and Time on the Road

Driver Balances Fatherhood and Time on the Road

Jun 12 2017

Max contemplated his next career choice over a bowl of cereal while watching TV. He saw a commercial about becoming a truck driver in as little as two months. He made a phone call and signed up for truck driving school, started with a small company and soon after joined J.B. Hunt in 1994.

Twenty-three years later, he’s earned the title of being J.B. Hunt’s Intermodal West Region Driver of the Year and is working on achieving two million safe miles. He stays humble about his achievements as a driver though. “I’m still learning. I’m just an individual, I don’t consider myself anything bigger than that,” he said.

Local truck driving job


Although he’s a self-proclaimed workaholic, Max finds time to balance out the demands of being a truck driver with being available for and spending time with his four sons – Angel, 26, Yohann, 22, Robert, 17 and Christian, 8. “When the day ends, it’s time to spend time with the kids and be a dad,” he said.

As a local intermodal driver, Max is home daily to enjoy time with his family. “We always play outside. We like to go hiking, play basketball and football, go to the beach or go to the park,” he said. “We put our phones away and do family stuff. It’s nice bonding time.”

Max kids 4

Max’s son Yohann is interested in following the same route as his father and becoming a truck driver. Max has reminded him that if he chooses truck driving, then it really needs to be something he wants to do for himself. “You gotta feel it in your heart, that it’s something you want to do, something your look forward to. I’ll do anything I can to help you,” he told Yohann.

Local truck driving job

Max offers advice to drivers trying to balance time with their kids while still advancing in their careers. “Always let the kids know that you care for them. You want to be there. Dad has a job to do, has work to do, but call them. With FaceTime and texting, there’s no such thing that I couldn’t get in touch with you,” he said. “I love it [driving], but I don’t ever forget my kids. I always text them.”


Are you a driver looking for more home time with your family? J.B. Hunt may be the right fit for you. Call 1-877-791-9458 to discuss regional and local truck driving jobs or contract opportunities or fill out a short form online.

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Driver Masters His Skills at Non-Baffled Tank Account

Driver Masters His Skills at Non-Baffled Tank Account

Jun 05 2017

The clock strikes 4 a.m. as darkness and snow covers the world outside of DCS driver Mike’s cab. The headlights of only a few four wheelers join him on the road as he travels through the back country to a local farm. It’s the beginning of another day moving South Dakota’s milk from its farmers to its customers.

America’s farmland has always played a role in Mike’s life and inspired him to drive truck. “I grew up on a farm, always been around trucks and had an interest in it,” he said. “I bought the farm that I grew up on. I enjoy four wheeling on it and going camping. I have 200 acres of land.”

Local truck driving job

DCS Driver Mike

With 28 years of experience on the road and a number of those years spent pulling non-baffled tanks, Mike has learned how to master the slosh or the movement of the milk within the tank. “There’s a slam when you break, feels like something ran into your back end, something you get used to. Slosh moves forward, it can take you forward. You can use it to your advantage though,” he explained. “You have to think more… if a tank isn’t full, you have to think about how to get around the corner so the slosh doesn’t push you off.”

Local truck driving job

DCS Non-baffled tanks

Mike also says there’s an advantage to transporting a non-baffled tank compared to the usual trailer. “The wind doesn’t hit you as bad. They pull easier,” he said. He also favors working on a J.B. Hunt account. “They are really nice people to work for…everyone I’ve talked to at J.B. Hunt are down to earth. They don’t put pressure on you and treat everyone the same,” Mike said.

Mike plans to drive another 10 years before he retires – no matter if he’s pulling a non-baffled tank or a trailer.  “I don’t know how to do anything else!” he said.


Interested in working with a carrier who offers a variety of driving opportunities? Call 1-877-791-9458 to discuss over the road, regional and local truck driving jobs or contract opportunities or fill out a short form online.

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New Driver Transfer Portal Promotes Career Growth

New Driver Transfer Portal Promotes Career Growth

Apr 10 2017

With the new driver transfer portal, it’s easier to transfer from one driving job to the other as a J.B. Hunt company driver. A driving career at J.B. Hunt can adapt to the changes in your life – more home time with family, moving to a new city, or exploring more of the country. Depending on your needs, you can request a transfer to open positions in Final Mile, Dedicated Contract Services, Intermodal or Truckload and find the right opportunity to move you toward your desired destination.

Driver Transfer Portal pic ONE

How to request a transfer:

  • Access the driver transfer portal at DriveJBHunt.com, myjbhunt.com or the DRIVE App
  • Log in with your alpha code and your myjbhunt.com password
  • Search jobs by using filters such as zip code or license type
  • View details on jobs, including whether they are open for transfers
  • Submit positions to which you are interested in transferring
  • The job you’d like to transfer to will be added to your portal’s home page
  • A hiring manager will review your request and verify your eligibility

Please note that drivers must have completed at least 90 days in their current position to be eligible for a transfer. Company driver referral requests are reviewed in the order they are received, and eligibility is dependent upon whether the position is currently accepting transfers.


Have questions? Select the “Contact Us” link inside the portal.

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More than a Driver: Meet Max

More than a Driver: Meet Max

Apr 03 2017

Max_work1 editedAt the J.B. Hunt San Bernardino ramp, everyone knows Max.

A 23-year veteran of J.B. Hunt, Max has received our prestigious Million Mile award and was named the 2016 West Intermodal Driver of the Year.

To those that know him, Max is more than a great driver, he’s a mentor, leader and friend. Described as a rock star by his retired fleet manager Patti, she says Max “Epitomizes the best of everything that has to do with J.B. Hunt.”

Regional Operations Manager Scott echoes that. “If you talk to any customer, driver, or dispatcher they describe Max as one of the most polite, professional, respectful, and hardworking people they have ever come across.”

Max_work8_tirecheck edited

Watching Max work, you can tell that he loves his job. His attitude and energy is contagious. “Every time I go to work, I set myself a goal,” he said. Right now, Max is trying to move a record 13 intermodal loads in one day. He’s gotten close—12.5—but won’t be satisfied until he achieves 13.

Max says one of the benefits of driving with J.B. Hunt for more than two decades is the family-like feel the San Bernardino ramp has. If that’s the case, then Max would be the older sibling others look up to, including fellow driver Shawn. Shawn credits Max for influencing how he works, “I kind of emulated the way he ran and the way he did his loads. That kind of instilled the work ethic, the way I work now by watching him.”

Intermodal driver Frazier says that Max’s hard work inspires a lot of people at the terminal, “Everybody knows Max is going to make his money no matter what, even if we’re slow.” Through all of the praise and awards, Max remains humble and focused, with no plans to stop soon, “I don’t look at J.B. Hunt as a paycheck, I look at J.B. Hunt like my family needs me.”

We’ll be sharing more of Max’s story next month, so be sure to check back in. Curious about J.B. Hunt? Call 1-877-791-9458 or visit DriveJBHunt.com to learn about over the road, regional or local truck driving jobs and contract opportunities or fill out our short form online.


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How To Become a J.B. Hunt Company CDL-A Driver in 4 Steps

How To Become a J.B. Hunt Company CDL-A Driver in 4 Steps

Mar 27 2017

Thought about driving? Truck driving is a one-of-a-kind way to make a living. At times, it’s not only a career but rather, a lifestyle. A day on the road can be filled with challenges, memorable experiences, stress and adventure. It’s not a career for everyone, just as accounting isn’t a career for everyone, but it is a career for someone, and only you can decide whether it’s right for you. Read further to learn the 4 steps involved in becoming a company truck driver with J.B. Hunt!

How To Become a J.B. Hunt Company CDL-A Driver :

  1. Decide Your Driving Job Type
  2. Earn Your Commercial Driving License
  3. Get Experience
  4. Pre-qualify

intermodal-driver edit

The 4 Step Breakdown:


1) Decide Your Driving Job Type

Knowing your future goals can help you determine what type of driving position best suits you and your life style. You want to be home every night with your family, or you’re ready to move to a new state or maybe you’d like to explore more of the country – choose a driving job that moves with your life.

  • Intermodal and Dedicated Contract Services truck driving jobs are available around the U.S. and can get you home daily or weekly.
  • Over the road positions allow you to travel through numerous states while offering a consistent home time schedule.
  • J.B. Hunt’s Final Mile division offers straight truck driving jobs that include a variety of responsibilities – customer service, appliance or electronic installation as well as driving duties.
  • If you are a Veteran or transitioning soldier, you can take advantage of the Hunt’s Heroes military program that proudly mentors and hires service members and Veterans and position them into rewarding local CDL jobs or regional driving jobs. No experience required.

2) Earn Your Commercial Driving License

Now that you’ve decided the type of company driving job you’re interested in pursuing, it’s time to get your commercial driving license. By attending a certified truck driving school, you’ll be prepared for the written license exam and achieve training and time on the road. You’ll become equipped with knowledge on truck driving responsibilities and the transportation industry itself. Some topics will include DOT regulations, logging hours, towing weights, break times and safe driving along with training on maneuvering, towing, loading and unloading, turning, backing up and more. You’ll then pass your written exam, obtain training time behind the wheel and then pass your driving skills test. Congrats! You’ve now obtained your commercial driving license.

3) Get Experience

J.B. Hunt Class A truck driving jobs require three or more months of driving experience and Class B local trucking jobs can vary on experience requirements. You can find out further details on individual positions by visiting the DriveJBHunt.com website or by speaking with a placement specialist. While you are gaining three months of experience at another carrier, you can sign up for J.B. Hunt job alerts to be in the know about over the road, local or regional truck driving jobs in your area. Like every career, experience usually comes with more pay – the more experience you gain behind the wheel and the more safe miles you log, the higher your earnings and potential to earn safety bonuses.

4) Pre-qualify

You have your commercial driving license and truck driving experience and found your ideal J.B. Hunt driving job online. What’s next? It’s time to prequalify. To prequalify, you simply fill out a short form online with your information such as your name, age, contact information, license type and experience. Once you submit the form, a career specialist will call you shortly and discuss your rewarding future at J.B. Hunt.


Ready to speak to a career specialist now? Call 1-877-791-9458 to discuss regional, truckload and local truck driving jobs today or fill out our short form online.

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