J.B. Hunt Drivers Deliver Wreaths Across America

J.B. Hunt Drivers Deliver Wreaths Across America

Dec 19 2017

J.B. Hunt proudly participated in this year’s Wreaths Across America (WAA) event and carried out the organization’s mission to Remember, Honor and Teach by delivering a total of eight loads of wreaths.

The wreaths were transported from the WAA headquarters in Harrington, Maine to national cemeteries and facilities throughout the country. Volunteers placed thousands of wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers at national cemeteries.

WAA truck arriving
J.B. Hunt’s delivery destinations this year were the following:

  • Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Va.
  • Fayetteville National Cemetery, Fayetteville, Ark.
  • Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery, Fort Leavenworth, Kan.
  • Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Fort Snelling, Minn.
  • Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, Fort Rosecrans, Calif.
  • Miramar National Cemetery, Miramar, Calif.
  • Saint Louis Cross-dock, Saint Louis, Mo.

Numerous military Veteran J.B. Hunt drivers, who were nominated by their managers, participated in delivering wreaths this year. DCS driver and military Veteran Robert Freeman found participating in WAA to be beyond rewarding. “I’m humbled, can’t keep my mouth shut. Awestruck, and the feeling is still going on,” he said.

See photos below of key exchange ceremonies between drivers transporting the wreaths across the country and of the national cemeteries where volunteers honored the graves of the fallen Veterans.

Wreath Ceremonies and Key Exchanges Along the Way: 

waa ceremony

waa ceremony3

waa key exchange

waa ceremony2

waa key exchange cheryl

WAA key exchange4

waa key exchange3


Wreath Ceremony at J.B. Hunt Corporate Location:

waa arriving at corporate

waa corporate

waa key exchange at corporate

Waa corporate mrs hunt and craig


Wreaths Delivered to National Cemeteries:

WAA truck

Waa delivery intermodal2

WAA san diego cemetery

waa truck at cemetery2

waa cemetery

waa cemetery 2


A big thank you to all our J.B. Hunt military Veteran drivers and staff as well as the volunteers who made this year’s Wreaths Across America event possible!

Are you a military Veteran interested in beginning a driving career at J.B. Hunt? Call 1-800-207-6097 to learn more about our military hiring program or fill out out short form online.


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J.B. Hunt Driver Witnesses Accident and Saves Life

J.B. Hunt Driver Witnesses Accident and Saves Life

Sep 21 2017

On Saturday, September 2, 2017, Intermodal driver Brian was traveling to one of his regular customers when he witnessed a single vehicle accident. The vehicle had crossed the highway and run into a light pole on the shoulder.

Brian quickly sprang into action and pulled over to help the driver. The vehicle was badly damaged; it was leaking fuel and smoking. Thinking fast, Brian used a sledge hammer stored in his truck to break the window of the damaged vehicle while on the phone with a 911 emergency dispatcher. Moments before the vehicle erupted into flames, he was able to pull the driver out.

After getting the young woman a safe distance away from the wreck, Brian noticed that she had no pulse. Without hesitation, he began performing CPR while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Soon, the young woman regained her pulse and began to breathe again. Brian had saved her life.

local truck driving job

Since the accident, Brian has gone above and beyond by visiting the young woman in the hospital several times and calling her mother daily to check in.

Thank you, Brian, for being an outstanding representative of J.B. Hunt. You’re a real hero!


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September Is Truck Driver Appreciation Month!

September Is Truck Driver Appreciation Month!

Sep 11 2017

Driver appreciation

This month, we’re celebrating J.B. Hunt drivers across the country with numerous special events and gifts. Drivers and their families are being treated to warm breakfasts, tasty cookouts, BBQs, catered lunches and delicious dinners. Family activities include playing volleyball, racquetball, softball, soccer and bowling as well as enjoying a Dodger’s baseball game, a day at an amusement park, tubing down the river and swimming at the beach. And there’s been plenty of gifts and prizes to go around – gift cards, goodie bags, J.B. Hunt jackets and hats, raffles and carnival games!

Check out a number of photos from different account celebrations from across the country!

driver appreciation

driver appreciation

driver appreciation

driver appreciation


Ready to work with a company that appreciates drivers? Call 1-877-791-9458 or visit DriveJBHunt.com to learn about over the roadregional or local truck driving jobs and contract opportunities  at J.B. Hunt or fill out our short form online.

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Driver to Retire With 3 Million Safe Miles & Plans to Buy Corvette

Driver to Retire With 3 Million Safe Miles & Plans to Buy Corvette

Aug 14 2017


Gary loves driving – driving trucks and driving race cars. Over 30 years ago, he made truck driving his career at J.B. Hunt and drag racing a hobby he could afford with his annual earnings. “Drag racing is a lot of fun but an expensive hobby. I don’t have sponsors like the professionals,” he said with laughter in his voice.

The company driver plans to continue drag racing after he hangs up his truck keys and retires this December, finishing a successful thirty years at J.B. Hunt. “I love race cars and sports… I’ve been saving up to buy the Corvette convertible, my retirement car!” he said.

Gary’s truck driving record is one to brag about –  three million safe miles, 27 safe driving awards along with the Road Star Regional, Driver of the Month and Driver of the Quarter awards as well as national recognition for being a nominee for the Citizen Driver of the Year award.

gary C

When Gary reached his first million safe miles, he was slightly surprised by the recognition he received for his achievement. “I never thought I’d do it,” he said. “Reaching the first one million, I thought it was for the company, not me. I was just doing my job.” He soon became motivated to hit his next million and then his next. “The second million was for my family being behind me the whole time,” he said. “The third million was for me. I was determined to get it before I retired!”

Gary’s safety bonuses went towards fixing up his home, paying bills, retirement savings and feeding his passion for race cars. He purchased a BMW with his second million mile bonus and once he retires, he plans to use his third million mile bonus towards a purchase of a 2017 red on red Corvette Z06 Convertible.

corvette convertible

Photo credit: Hoover Auto Mall

The achieved driver is somewhat hesitant when it comes to retiring, as he’s made J.B. Hunt his second home over the last three decades. “I’m going to miss the comradery, all the people at the terminal, at corporate, throughout the company. It’s like a family. Most of my friends work at J.B. Hunt!” he said. “You know somebody for 30 years, they become your friends. I’m gonna miss them.”

After retirement, Gary has plans to work on projects around the house and spend time with his wife, six grown children, 17 grandchildren and four great grandchildren and of course, play with his cars. “I’m going to the drag races, tinker around on my car and will be at the race track… and messing with my yard,” he said.

The veteran driver often reflects on how J.B. Hunt has evolved over the years and the positive effect it’s had on him as a driver and a person. “The company is moving and up to date. It is not lacking with all the new technology it’s incorporating,” he said. “As the company improved, I think I improved too.”

As the delivery date of his last load gets closer, Gary has been practicing his retirement speech and offered a heart-felt sound bite. “It’s been an honor and a blessing to drive, work here and meet all the different people,” he said. “It’s an amazing company that keeps getting better and better every day.”


Are you ready to be a part of the J.B. Hunt family from hire to retire? Call 1-877-791-9458 to discuss over the roadregional and local truck driving jobs or fill out a short form online.

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J.B. Hunt Transport Celebrates 56 Years

J.B. Hunt Transport Celebrates 56 Years

Aug 07 2017

local truck driving job

On August 10th, J.B. Hunt celebrates its 56th anniversary and its historical impact on the logistics transportation industry. The distinguished carrier has grown from a small business of only five trucks and seven refrigerated trailers to a Fortune 500 company with over 13,000 trucks, 110,000 trailers and containers countrywide and $6.5 billion in annual revenues.

With an ambitious force of over 23,000 employees, J.B. Hunt is committed to being an industry leader in innovation, safety and diverse operations. Our employees have been the key to J.B. Hunt’s successful history and promising future by continually providing superior customer service, optimal efficiency and safety, effective freight management and creative solutions.


Strong work ethic and persistence are at the foundation of J.B. Hunt. Co-founders Johnnie Bryan and Johnelle Hunt were committed to long term growth and making J.B. Hunt Transport a reputable carrier within the transportation industry. To achieve recognition above the competition and increase company pride amidst employees, Mr. Hunt designed the familiar black and yellow scroll logo that adorns thousands of trucks, trailers and uniforms today.

jb hunt tank truck

The origin of the J.B. Hunt logo began in Keo, Arkansas when Mr. Hunt was visiting J.D. Cobb, a J.B. Hunt Transport original investor and board member. They stumbled upon an income tax form that had an image of a scroll at the bottom with placement for the total amount owed. Mr. Hunt favored the scroll and took the form home, redrew the image and added his own touches. He asked Mrs. Hunt to have it placed on the invoices of the couple’s original rice hull business.

According to long time employees, the black and yellow scroll became J.B. Hunt Transport’s official logo and placed on the carrier’s equipment and driver uniforms in the early 1970s and has stayed a consistent design ever since.

jb hunt logo

jbh employees













Recently retired Intermodal driver Benton feels grateful for the opportunity to wear the black and yellow scroll and serve J.B. Hunt customers for the last 23 years. “You make friends with the customer with a hand shake…If I had a set appointment, I was there early… I’ve always considered that on time is late,” he said. “I didn’t do it my way. I did it Mr. Hunt’s way and that is the way to do it.”

mr hunt
To learn more about J.B. Hunt’s historical milestones and how our people continue to move our nation, check out our video below.


Are you a truck driver who is ready to drive with J.B. Hunt and help us move our nation? Call 1-877-791-9458 or visit DriveJBHunt.com to learn about over the road, regional or local truck driving jobs and contract opportunities or fill out our short form online.

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J.B. Hunt DCS Driver Achieves 4 Million Safe Miles

J.B. Hunt DCS Driver Achieves 4 Million Safe Miles

Aug 01 2017

over the road truck driving job

On June 15th, DCS driver Bob followed his usual routine of delivering a load to Louisville, Ky., but this time, it wasn’t just another day, another delivery for the driver. Bob reached a career milestone as he surpassed the 4 million safe miles mark. The 29-year J.B. Hunt veteran is now the ONLY active 4 million mile driver in DCS and the fifth company driver to ever achieve this accomplishment in J.B. Hunt history!

When asked how it felt to reach this remarkable milestone, Bob said, “I’ve been sweating bullets all week, but it has been a long time coming.”

Over the course of his career, Bob has left a lasting impression on everyone – customers, management and his coworkers. His management compliments his willingness to help whenever and wherever he is needed and moreover, his warm, cheerful attitude when working with customers and co-workers. They find that his friendly smile and presence make it hard for anyone to have a bad day after interacting with him.

“It’s not possible to put into words how great of a driver and person Bob is! This great accomplishment could not have been achieved by a better person and we are extremely excited and proud for him. Bob, thank you for all you do. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment!” wrote Bob’s General Manager Jecorey.

million safe miles


Are you ready to achieve your next million safe miles with J.B. Hunt and reap the bonus awards? Call 1-877-791-9458 to learn more about J.B. Hunt’s over the roadregional and local truck driving jobs or fill out our short form online.

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